About the company

The BRAVEN company has been operating since September 2013, both on the Polish and European level. Our business is based on providing consulting and accomplishing HVAC, electrical, and Control & Instrumentation. Professional knowledge and understanding of technology, as well as the ability to meet customers’ high demands allow us to comprehensively carry out investment projects at the highest level. We also support major construction projects in the area of services planning, coordination and supervision. We rely on our experienced team of professionals; dynamic people who want to develop and implement demanding projects.


Currently, the Braven Company is committed, as a subcontractor, to the process of building a Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce in Slovakia. There are 4 blocks of the nuclear power plant equipped with WWER 440 pressurized water reactors V-213 model with the capacity of 440 MWe. The blocks of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant are ones of the latest nuclear units of WWER 440 V-213 model, using all the improvements introduced to the system. The project is being carried out by the international team of experts which include, among others, the Braven Company.


BRAVEN Łukasz Pięk

ul. Sołtysowska 12b/142,
31-589 Kraków

Tax no. 872-214-99-80